Planning for 08

We’ve been getting together regularly to plan this year’s pride.  It has already been a fun and exciting event to plan.  We are working to improve the stage by having a full line up and an organized schedule.  We are talking to some exciting talent.  We are even looking at relocating the stage to make sure it is not too loud in the vendor marketplace.
We are also looking to add a space for families with children during the early part of the day from noon to 2 or 3pm.  We’ll also keep the stage “pg” for the first half of the day.  We are looking at having clowns, face painting and games with prizes.  We are looking for some parents to volunteer with us to make this the Kitsap Pride you want for your family.

We hope to have events, music and spaces for queer teens after 2pm.  We are teaming up with the teens at The Q Center (Kitsap’s lgbt drop-in center for youth 14-19) to create an appealing experience for them and their friends.

Of course, everyone is welcome all day.

Another idea we are looking into is an interactive art space.  We’re not sure what that will look like yet.  You artists out there can let us know if you have some ideas.

We do need everyone’s help to pull this off.  Our bigger plans will require us to raise more money and have more volunteers.  You can donate to support pride, bring your business to our vendor marketplace or get involved in the biggest lgbt event in the county.

We are also looking for sponsors.  There are sponsorship opportunities starting at  $100 and up.  Let us know if you or your business are interested.

Check out our fun fundraising event you can attend to support us.  Also, the Red Star parties held on the First Friday of the month in Bremerton are raising money for the pride committee.  Last year they raised $700  for the stage.  Check them out at  We’re now able to accept online credit card donations.  Until then you can send checks to Kitsap Pride Network, PO Box 787, Bremerton, WA 98337.  Donations are tax-deductible as we are operating under the fiscal sponsorship of one of our many non-profit community partners.

Most of all, tell everyone that Kitsap Pride is Saturday, July 19, 2008.