Celebrate Pride

It’s not too late to save the dates. That’s right, DATES! Kitsap Pride Festival is almost here. This is the 40th anniversary of Stonewall, so even more reason to come out and celebrate with your Kitsap Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans and allied community.

Based on your valued feedback from last years festival, we are excited to announce a few new additions to this years festival.  New and returning entertainment. More diverse food choices along with the usual favorites.  New stage placement, which allows for a dryer and more family friendly time. Bigger “Kid Zone” including a bouncy house. Bring your family, your friends your four legged kids too! Don’t forget your appetite for great food and even greater fun!

So here’s the where and when of Kitsap Pride

Where: Evergreen Rotary Park in Bremerton                  
When: Saturday, July 18th 2009  12pm-5pm
Also, before you join us at Kitsap Pride, you are also encouraged to join us in walking in support of pride at the Bainbridge Island 4th of July parade. We always get a warm response and it’s a fun time for all. This is a great family event, so bring your kids! For more information on the parade and parking details, check out www.bainbridgechamber.com



Kitsap Pride is excited to bring to the stage some great local talent.  We’ve got a great new layout to encourage folks to dance and soak up sounds and sun.  Plan to bring your chairs and blankets and enjoy the day.  Thanks to Red Star for sponsoring the stage.  Check out the Red Star Pride Party – it’s a fabulous way to wrap up your pride.

Kitsap Pride is a community driven, non-profit event. This means that we cannot pay any performers. Instead we asked that you donate your time and give back one day out of the year. Back stage you will find drinks and snacks as well as tables, chairs and a dressing area. We ask performers to check-in with the stage manager 30 minutes before performance time. Our final schedule will be posted one week before event. On behalf of our community, Kitsap Pride thanks you for your involvement and appreciates your patience as we are unpaid volunteers that do the very best we can.

Time onstage is limited and we do our best to fit everyone in. We ask that all performers keep in mind the diversity of the crowd, including young children, without compromising their art. And we encourage outrageous, larger than life costumes and performances. Please let us know if you need anything!

The entertainment begins at Noon and ends at 5pm.

Contact us if you are interested in performing.  We are sorry that our budget doesn’t allow us to pay.  We can usually help with some expenses and feed you!

To apply to be an entertainer at Kitsap Pride please download our application <here>.



We’re excited to announce that “Bent” writing group from Seattle will be taking the stage at this years Kitsap Pride.

Come out and enjoy incredible spoken word and slam poetry presented by “Bent”‘s own performers. “Bent” mission is to “To promote and encourage written and spoken word among LGBTIQ people and in our communities”

How To Enjoy Pride

Weather is looking great for Saturday – Sunny not too hot!  Bring sunscreen and chairs or blankets to enjoy the stage.

Support Your Local Pride

Will you be attending Kitsap Pride this year? Gay pride can mean many different things to many different people. For some it’s a purely social event, a place to catch up with old friends or have a picnic with new friends. To some, gay pride is a place to party. Others see gay pride as a chance to celebrate who they are and who they love, a chance to literally be out and proud.
After OutKitsap shut its doors, people have wondered if there is enough interest in continuing to hold a gay pride event here in Kitsap. People have wondered if there is anyone willing to volunteer the time it takes to organize such an event. The answer to those questions is a resounding “yes”. Since the last pride event held at Evergreen Park in 2007, volunteers have been working on pulling off another gay pride event in 2008. Not only have they been working on “pulling off” the event, they’ve been working on making it the best event in Kitsap Pride history.

One of the reasons we gather at Evergreen Park, or any pride celebration, is to honor those LGBT figures that persisted despite their persecution for being honest about who they were, for coming out of the closet. There have been many notable figures that have struggled in the pursuit of gay rights. For all of the names we’ve heard, there are many thousands more that have struggled personally and even privately to live their lives as they saw fit, to love who they saw fit to love.

On July 17th, at Evergreen Park, let’s gather our friends and family for a social outing where we might just meet some new like minded people. We might have a great time catching up with old friends. We might learn a thing or two about what resources are still available to our community. We might party all night and recover all the next day. While we are doing all of these things, we will be celebrating our common belief that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals should be proud of their sexual orientation and gender identity. We will celebrate our right to Live, Love and Be who we truly are.

Donations are needed. SUPPORT your local Pride. Click here.
Interested in being a VENDOR at the 2008 Kitsap Pride Event? Click here.
VOLUNTEER at the 2008 Kitsap Pride Event Click here.

Kitsap Pride is a network of local organizations collaborating to celebrate community in Kitsap County. Networking together eases the planning and execution burden off of any one organization and allows for more community input.

Community Partnerships

This year Kitsap Pride is hosted by many of our local organizations that support the LGBT community. It is a community effort on all levels to make our day fun and festive. This includes all the volunteers that work so hard behind the scenes. We are still looking for planning committee members to help with the arrangements. We will also be looking for a limited number of sponsorships to help underwrite the event. The stage has been sponsored by the Red Star (www.redstarevents.com) parties & G-style Knights.