Prospective Exhibitors:

The Kitsap Pride Network invites you to participate as an exhibitor in the 2017 Kitsap Pride event at Evergreen Park in Bremerton on SATURDAY, July 15th 2017. Recent year’s have had over 2,000 people attended this exciting event and this year is already looking to be our biggest yet.

A busy exhibitor area at a recent Kitsap Pride.

We want exhibitors to have a positive experience as well, and we are committed to making your participation valuable. The support of exhibitors like you has been an essential part of the program as well.

NEW FOR 2017:

The festival starts at 11am – an hour earlier. All exhibitors must provide (via upload) proof of insurance and name the Kitsap Pride Network as an additional insured on policy.

Increased Family Friendly activities for all ages.

We are working on an Exhibitor Toolkit to help you maximize your participation.

We are offering 10×10 foot booth spaces to organizations and businesses in and around Kitsap County. We will use payment date as one factor in determining booth placement. So, register early if you can!

Tables & Chairs are available as a *Booth Upgrade* for an additional fee

Some exhibitors have supplied their own and appreciated the reduction in fees, while others prefer to have them furnished. This is an attempt to respond to both kinds of needs.

As always:

Kitsap Pride runs from 11am till 5pm. Please load in your materials by 10am, be ready to go by 11am, and stay open till the event ends.

No vehicles will be allowed in the park. You can use the closed road area to unload your vehicle until 10am and then please move it to designated parking.

Booth spaces will be provided in 10-foot increments and vendors may ask for more than one space to display product (at an additional fee).

Boundaries between booths need to be rigidly enforced.

Canopies and tables must be at least one foot from the paved walk way.

Please let us know in the exhibitor registration about what activities are going to take place in your booth including any giveaways, contests, or demonstrations. Please let us know if you are selling any goods or services. And, please do let us know if your booth content will be of an “adult” nature. We ask that exhibitors not give away bottled water to cut down on waste in the park.

If you have special considerations in regard to the location of your booth, you may make that request via email to the Exhibitor Coordinator. Requests will be honored to the extent possible, and will be filled in the order in which the application was received. Early reservation will increase chances for your request.

Registrations are due no later than July 7th, 2017.

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss your booth configuration please contact our Exhibitor/Sponsorship Coordinator. 

An additional way to get your business exposure is to be a sponsor or donate merchandise, let us know how you’d like to be involved.

Thanks for your support.

Exhibitor Coordinator